Take a Break

I would like to start off by apologizing for not writing an entry yesterday. Here’s why, though. To be honest, I’ve been overworking myself to the point where I physically just couldn’t keep going and had to miss a day of work at my regular full time job. I needed rest and my body knew it. So I called in, ate some breakfast (which is important since I always forget to eat until I start getting sick), and slept. It was some sleep that I desperately needed, and since I needed to take a day off from my job, I took a break from my main work as well, including writing these blog entries, working on my books, and the game I’ve been developing. I slept, spent time with my family, and simply played a game or two. It was some rest I really needed, and overworking myself to the point of illness made me come to an important realization.

We all need rest at some point, no matter how dedicated we are to our work. On one hand, I felt bad for calling in sick since I know people depend on me at work. But on the other hand, I couldn’t continue working in the condition I was in. You need to rest too. Don’t be afraid to sleep in, to cancel plans so you can take care of yourself. I am likely going to keep this entry short because I still need the rest, but perhaps by tomorrow, I will continue with the regular writing entries. To everyone who is tired, overworked, or burned out, please rest. Take a break. Enjoy time with friends and family and refresh your mind. You deserve it.


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