Weekly Writing Wreport (Because That’s a Word; Yay, Alliteration!)

Greetings, friends! This is a new concept I want to give a try since I find that I’ve been able to write one blog entry every weekday this week, so perhaps I have finally discovered a writing schedule that actually works for me! As the strangely-spelled title indicates, I want to provide a bit of a more personal update on my projects, exclusively for those who read these entries since I avoid telling people in my personal life about projects. I’ve done that one too many times and always failed to meet the expectations I set to the general public, so instead, I’m just going to write a weekly entry every Friday regarding what I’ve done. This is primarily a way for me to keep track of my own work, but perhaps I can inspire some of you guys to sort of set goals and see what you can meet by the end of the week!

Long introduction aside, let’s jump “write” on in! (Does that even count as a pun? I’m gonna count it as a pun.) This week has been rather productive in comparison to the last. To put it in a nutshell, I got at least a little bit of work done on every big creative project I’m working on. So, let’s break it down!

The obvious one is right in front of our faces—I’ve finally gotten a good writing pace set with my blog entries, and I plan on keeping it that way. Five entries per week, which means one entry per weekday. I love writing these, and seeing that people actually read them only motivates me to keep going on a regular basis, unless I encounter another day where I find myself getting overwhelmed and need to take a break. Weekends should help as I usually relax on weekends and just play video games and work on my book a bit, especially now since my Black Crystal series appears to be getting popular for God-knows what reason and I want to get the second one published by early to mid 2018.

Speaking of Black Crystal, that’s another project I’ve gotten plenty of work done on! I wish I remember what chapter I was on at the start of the week, but I can’t remember. At least I do know that it’s Chapter Fifteen now. It’s rather rough all around for the main characters, and I honestly feel kind of bad for them. As I stated in yesterday’s entry, I’ve been sadder lately because of recent events in the book, but things are looking better. Oddly enough, the indication that things are going to get better was in a nightmare the main character, Chris Alexander, had. Just goes to show the unfortunate nature of the story where it lies now. I’m hoping to get the majority of Chapter Fifteen done by the end of the day today.

The next project I have a decent update on is my game, DATABASE. If you don’t mind, allow me to go on a bit of a tangent regarding this rollercoaster of a project.

I came up with the idea for the game DATABASE two years ago. It was the summer after I graduated High School and started making my own money, and I intended on building my game with the RPG Maker engine; a simple software for building a good story-driven RPG. I started coming up with the plot and how it was actually going to be a YouTuber fan game with a rather serious twist towards the middle, meaning that the entirety of the cast would be YouTubers, but after all the funny hahas were all taken care of, the story would take a sudden turn for the worst when the main character discovers that he has to kill his own brother.

That was the original idea, and it was well-received. However, the more I attempted to flesh out the plot, the further I kept getting stuck. I started getting bored of the concept, but I was persistent and I kept trying to make it work. For two whole years. It wasn’t until earlier this week when I finally determined that I just couldn’t work with it. I had attempted to scrap the story and rework it numerous times, but it all came out the same way for some reason. I even went so far as to promise a demo to release by July 7th. Initially, the demo was going to be the first few hours of the game, but that wasn’t gonna happen, so I decided to start a new demo to take place 50 years before the events of the main game that was going to explain some of the lore. I titled it DATABASE: Road to Ruin, and people were really excited for it.

Road to Ruin was going to be a story of the volunteer astronauts from NASA who discovered the World of the Terabytes, a species that would soon become near extinct with the exception of two girls among the race, who would become the main antagonists of the main game. I managed to program about 30 minutes of Road to Ruin before I lost steam. July 7th hit and I didn’t have a game to release, so I just made a public announcement. This was around the time I wrote my Take a Break blog entry. I got sick with stress and overworking myself not only on the game, but on other things in life as well and told everyone I needed to start taking care of myself if I was to produce quality content for them.

Around Monday or Tuesday of this week, I received a revelation as to what I should actually do. I work at a call center, and I’m sure I’ve already told you guys that. But a few months ago, I got an idea for a Persona fan fiction where, instead of High Schoolers entering other worlds by peculiar means, it would be my co-workers and I discovering other worlds from our office. I was talking to a friend about the concept, when suddenly, I realized I could easily apply that concept to a game, and thus, I began coming up with the concept for DATABASE: Thank You For Calling.

While it took me a whole two years to come up with the original incomplete concept, it only took me an hour to completely flesh out the concept of Thank You For Calling. The next day, I wrote character bios for all eight playable characters as well as what their stats would be in-game, and now I’m writing the entire script. This brings me to a point I feel the need to make.

I can write a book like nobody’s business without outlines or anything like that because I let the characters take control. I tried using the same technique for making my game and I’ve been trying it for years, but it doesn’t work like that. Developing a game requires planning, understanding that the characters, the engine, assuring that every line of dialogue written has impact in one way or another, making sure the numbers balance out, and most importantly, knowing what you want the finished product to look like when considering your limitations. So, instead of jumping head-first into programming the game immediately after coming up with the new concept, I’m going to script the whole thing first so I have an idea of scope. What I can and can’t do, what will enhance the experience and what can potentially hinder or ruin it. I’m a solo game developer—I need to remember that when I’m working on the game so I can give myself time. I can’t rush the project when I want to give people an experience they will remember and want to play again.

I’ve only been handling the concept for DATABASE: Thank You For Calling for a few days, but I can’t stop thinking about it. If I can do this right, I can make an amazing storytelling RPG experience to show people I care about the quality of my work rather than just making something and throwing it out there. I’m even spending a lot of time focusing on every note of my music as well, which I’m sure you noticed in yesterday’s entry. That was the other project I got work done on this week—the soundtrack. Even though it’s for the game, I consider the music a separate project because that’s how much focus I want to put on it. I want the official game’s soundtrack to be something people can listen to outside of the game and enjoy it. That’s why I hold myself to such high standards and why I’ve finally decided to take my time.

So, it’s been quite a productive week! And I’m rather impressed by the fact that I wrote this entire blog entry before my first break at my regular job. I must have been writing it pretty fast. Regardless, what are you doing in your own creative endeavors? Are you remembering to take breaks when you know you need them? I’m not just talking about little 10-15 minute breaks, or even an hour long break. I mean a full day off. We can only do so much, so rest yourself and see your work improve the next day! In the meantime, I’d like to say thank you to all of you who have been reading these blog entries, to everyone who’s followed my page. It really means a lot to know that I’m not writing to no one. Thank you, and I will write more for you guys next Monday! In the meantime, have a great weekend and keep being awesome!


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