Love, Passion, and Why We Need Them For Writing (and Other Art Forms)

One of my best friends, a fellow author, has been helping me along an incredible journey for quite some time. She and I have been dealing with chronic sadness for a long time, but ever since she started discovering spiritual teachings of happiness, I’ve decided I wanted to join her along the journey. However, it wasn’t until last night that I understood what needs to be done in order to live a life you can be happy with. She sent me the first 20 minutes of a documentary; I think it’s called The Secret, and it’s about the Law of Attraction and Love, something that sounds fictitious until you learn more about it, and that’s something I would love to discuss in today’s blog entry.

I would absolutely love to see the rest of the documentary someday, but the first 20 minutes was all I needed in order to come to the revelation that I was brought to last night that made me understand what I need to do to live the kind of life I want. The documentary mentions that our thoughts legitimately affect the world around us for better or for worse, depending on what we think about. So the more negatively we think about the day, the more we’ll attract negativity to us. It sounds pretty ridiculous at first, but the documentary provided some amazing evidence regarding it. That’s why we have all these successful entrepreneurs who make something huge out of nothing. I feel like this can be applied to our arts.

One amazing story I’d like to mention from the documentary came from a psychiatrist who was in contact with a young man who was, well, quite unhappy with his life and how it was going. He was a gay man, and he was endlessly bullied and harassed at work and even when walking down the streets, people called him awful names and did anything they could to just ruin his day. He wanted to be a standup comedian, but when he was trying his routine, people kept heckling him because of his sexuality, and he had no confidence in himself for it. He kept dwelling on how awful life was, and in turn, he was making his life worse by doing it.

The psychiatrist told him that he’s dwelling so much on the fact that the world seems to hate him because he’s gay, which is what’s turning everything against him, and that he needs to begin a self-healing process. This man took it seriously, and in about 6-8 weeks of keeping up with it, his life took an almost miraculous turn for the better. All the people at work who used to pick on him either transferred to other offices, left in general, or just stopped bothering him, he was able to walk through the streets with a smile and no one was assaulting him, and when he did his comedic standup routine, he was confident in himself 100%, and that made him perform much, much better, and he was even getting standing ovations.

While I’m not gay like I thought I was a few months ago, I found this story massively inspiring. The fact that his life took such an incredible turn because he was willing to take control and stuck with it is, well, incredible! Even while I’m at work, I’m giving it a try, and I have no interest in stopping anytime soon. With my incredible friend who has taken me along on this journey, I only see a good vibes in the future.

Here’s why I feel like this can be applied to our art—once we know what we want, we can hold on and never let go. We can gain confidence in ourselves, and in turn, confidence in our abilities. It helps us keep going. If you can envision a future in which you are following your passion, living your dream, and constantly improving yourself, building yourself up, and helping others do the same, then do it. Never let go of that thought. Love yourself, and love others. You deserve all the love and happiness the world can offer, my friends. Embrace your weirdness, follow your dreams, and don’t be afraid to feel strong love and passion. It’s what makes life worth it.


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