July Finale – Reflection and Personal Stories

We’re already on the last day of July, huh? It feels like it hasn’t been that long. I could’ve sworn that it was just a week ago that I wrote my Independence Day rant blog entry, one of the entries that became a personal promise to myself that I’d try to write one blog entry every weekday. In fact, this was the month where doing these blog entries became a normal thing, and now I don’t want to stop. I know at least a few people read these, so to those who do, thank you, and I plan on going like this for a very long time.

I’ve gotten a lot done in terms of my projects. Early this month was when I decided the original concept for DATABASE just wasn’t going to work and I came up with an infinitely better one. I’ve made decent progress in my book as well, and got a great start on the music of the game. All in all, it’s been a productive month, but one with plenty of ups and downs in my personal life I’d rather not disclose publicly.

This is my third summer out of High School, and the reason I say that is because I’m remembering one summer in particular between my Sophomore and Junior year; the summer of 2013. My first girlfriend had broken up with me Sophomore year, but I became stronger as a result of it. That summer, however, was one that will likely go down in the state of Oregon’s history. Southern Oregon usually has a problem with fires going wild during the summer, but 2013 was legendary in the fact that the fires weren’t just wild—they were absolutely rogue, massive, and destructive. The air was so thick with smoke that everyone had to wear emergency masks. And by some twist of fate, I was performing in a musical that summer as the main antagonist with a professional theatre company as opposed to our High School productions. It wasn’t as bad at first, but it started getting really bad around July-ish. It was so thick that it almost always looked like evening outside. It was something you’d expect from a dystopian post-apocalyptic wasteland of a planet. All of us performing in the musical slowly lost our singing abilities with the smoke affecting our lungs and our voices. It was awful, rehearsals were tough, but we still kept going. The show must go on, after all.

Despite how crappy the musical itself was, the show was a hit because of the actors chosen for it. Everyone seemed to fit into their roles way too perfectly. The smoke seemed to start clearing as we got to the actual performances itself, and despite how sick we all got, I still have very fond memories of those days. I’m still friends with a couple of the people I performed with, and even though we’ve lost contact, we all still act like we’ve never been separated by time when we see each other. It’s nice; thinking about it and the fact that, even though I haven’t talked to my old friends, they all still know me, it makes me feel less alone.

Man, a lot has happened in the six going-on seven years I’ve lived here in Southern Oregon. (I don’t know why the thought occurred to me, but I remember that when I gained a bunch of confidence after being in two musicals, I basically made all the girls in my Spanish class swoon with just a single sentence. I guess it was the delivery.) It’s nice looking back on all my memories, both the good and bad. They’ve all brought me to where I’m at now, and I’m happy with that. I will see you guys tomorrow at the start of August! We’ll be getting back to our regular writing/gaming blog entries, so I hope you look forward to it!


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