What Does Writing Do For You?

Happy August 1st! I mean, not so happy in my personal life, but I hope the beginning of the month is going well for the rest of you guys! If you work in retail, I feel for you; the first of the month, if your store accepts EBT, gets chaotic. I used to work at a local store in my town, and I knew that pain. Regardless, life isn’t all about work, so let’s not think about it. My blog space here is a place for you guys to relax, maybe learn a thing or two, you know, things like that.

Anyway, as the title indicates, this is a question I want to ask you guys and provide my own personal insight. What does writing do for you? Now, this is a very open question. You can go with a grounded answer, like it pays the bills or perhaps it carries on a personal tradition. Or for the more fun route, we can go deeper. It eases any anxiety or depression you have, it allows you to express yourself and the words within your heart without needing to face someone and encounter potential embarrassment. Writing can be therapeutic. (For example, the ideal relaxation setting for me is sitting next to a lively fireplace with a cup of coffee as I write, either watching the snow fall or listening to the rain pour.)

Take a moment and think about that. What is the purpose of writing for you? Maybe until now, you haven’t thought about it much further than just saying that it’s a means to tell a story you really want to tell, and while that is entirely valid, there could be a deeper purpose to it, and perhaps this will motivate you to write more. Maybe it will help you on your quest to learning to love yourself once you get to know yourself better! (What’s this about a quest? Well, in reading my blog entries, you’ve already joined the party, and I’ll explain the objective in tomorrow’s entry.)

Writing for me has always been an escape. As a kid, it’s not that I had a bad life. We never had much money, we didn’t have cable television or internet or anything like that, but I loved and still love my family. I regret not playing outside with my little brother more, but we’re like best friends now, so it’s cool. I would scavenge for any scrap of paper I could find to write on, to escape to this fantasy world I created in my head. The characters became like friends of mine, and every time I wrote, I was visiting them. (I guess even since the early days, I’ve always been an awkward kid.) It was a journey unlike anything I’d ever had.

The more I wrote, the more I found solace in it. Depression really started hitting around the time I got to seventh grade, and I found that writing books that take place in the world within my mind made me feel at peace. It started going downhill when everyone in my middle school found out I published two novels shortly moving because I got a lot of unwanted attention. Even in the new school I went to, I guess I perceived all the attention as people mocking me, and I was rather cold and distant. The only three people who seemed to legitimately appreciate it were three red-haired girls—Noel, Amber, and Morgan. (It never occurred to me until now that all three of them had red hair but were not at all related. Weird.) It’s been so long since I’ve talked to any of them, but I remember having a crush on each of them at one point or another. They were (and still are) very kind and attractive.

Anyway, I guess I just associate writing to my own peace. Sometimes I have difficulty writing certain parts because I get so attached to my characters, or because my characters have no way to escape a certain situation, I don’t know how to progress the story, but when I write, I feel calm. It’s like I’m escaping once more and going on an adventure with the characters I have become friends with. Even through good times and bad times, they keep going, so why can’t I? I hope this sort of gets you thinking about the topic—what does writing do for you?


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