Making Your Goals Become Habits – A Non-Tutorial

Why does it feel like it’s been a little while since I wrote a Non-Tutorial? No matter. This is something I saw in one of James Arnold Taylor’s videos this morning, and I wanted to discuss it here since it felt like something worth discussing with you guys—making your goals become habits.

This is actually something I’ve been doing a lot lately. Because I made my goals rather frequent things, I subconsciously created a bit of a schedule to follow on weekdays. After I wake up and take a shower and all that, I generally start programming my game for a little while. I’ve been making strides in the progression of the game by just working on it little-by-little, but at a consistent pace. Then I generally play something like Breath of the Wild, watch a YouTube video, then head off to work. And every morning while I’m at work, I do my best to get a new blog entry posted, which is where I’m at now, and this has become second nature to start my day like this. Even if it takes a little longer than normal to write a new entry or something, I still manage to post one.

That’s what the title of this entry means—I’ve made everyday habits out of my long-term goals. Well, a couple of them, anyway. I still need to do daily work on my music skills. Or at least weekly work. And writing my book would be a good habit to pick up as well, so I guess you can say I’m on my way.

What exactly is the benefit of doing this, and why do it in the first place? Well, that’s exactly what I’m about to get into, though as this is a Non-Tutorial, I can’t exactly tell you guys what to do. I’ll explain what I do and how I’ve benefited from it.

Honestly, I didn’t even have to force anything. I just managed to find times in the day to work on certain projects. Like, in the morning on weekdays before I need to leave for work, I generally have a couple hours to program a bit in my game before needing to leave. As a result, I almost always have guaranteed time to work on the game, make progress, and when necessary, polish what has already been done. And I work at a desk job, so I even when I am doing my job, I have time to write these blog entries. It was a goal of mine to make it a consistent thing so I could always provide content for all of you who read these.

And how do I benefit from making my goals become habits? It’s a nice stable thing to do, and it adds variety to my day. Instead of waking up, eating, going to work, coming home, eating, and going back to sleep, I always have something else to do, something to get done, various methods of relaxation, and it’s nice to know that there’s always something to do! I also remind myself that it’s okay to take a lazy day if I need rest or if I have a lack of motivation since resting is of absolute importance. Honestly, resting really helps with productivity when taken in moderation. Once you find the perfect balance, then you can start making those habits. I’m still getting things sorted out, and I’m attending an event this Saturday that’s definitely not exactly going to be part of my mental schedule, but I have a bit of an idea as to what needs to be done.

Here’s how I have everything laid out in terms of scheduling and whatnot. I generally wake up between 4:30am and 5:30am, take a shower, drink coffee, work on my game until about 8:30am, have a breakfast break between 7:00am and 7:30am, then either watch YouTube videos or play a game from 8:30am to 9:00am, which is when I need to leave for work. I start my shift at 9:30am, which is generally when I start writing these blog entries, and once I finish them, I use the rest of the day to perhaps work on my book, work on the script of the game, write in my own personal journal, read if I’m in the mood, and sometimes just sit here. (I mean, of course I do my regular job, and I even do it exceedingly well based on my performance reviews, but still.) I finish up at 6:00pm and head home, where I’ll have dinner and spend some time with my family. Once everyone goes to sleep, I usually play something I wouldn’t play in the morning as it requires more time and attention, like the PS1 version of Final Fantasy I, or perhaps watch a few YouTube videos, and then what I’d like to do is work on my book for at least half an hour a night before going to sleep, so I start writing at 10:00pm and finish either at 10:30pm, 11:00pm, or even 11:30pm if I’m really inspired. And the reason I’d start late instead of early is because I’ve found out I function best the next day if I go to sleep between 10:30pm and 11:30pm, no earlier and no later. (My body seems to function at its best when I get six or even seven hours of sleep, but no more and no less.)

As you can see, I’ve found ways to fit my passions and goals into certain parts of my day, and thus made them daily habits. Weekends are generally open and free since I have few obligations those days (aside from this Saturday, that is), though it would be nice to perhaps spend half an hour to an hour on music theory and composition so I can constantly improve my skills in that field and compose a soundtrack fitting for such an amazing game as DATABASE – Thank You For Calling. What can you do to turn your goals into habits? Take some time to think about it, but don’t over think it. I don’t want you getting stressed out over it. Relax, take as much time as you need, and figure it out as you go. Have a great day, everyone. I’ll see you back here tomorrow.


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