Where Do You Find Peace?

Now that’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? Especially in a world like ours where it seems somebody is always against somebody else and everyone else gets caught up in the middle of such feuds. There’s constant chaos and hate and violence… enough to the point where it gets overwhelming, especially to those sensitive to the emotions of the masses. It’s been enough to physically make me sick, as indicated earlier in the week. In such a world, how and where do we find peace?

Among all the chaos in your mind and what’s going on around you, let’s take a moment to stop. Breathe for a little bit; more specifically, take slow, deep breaths. If you have the time, close your eyes for a moment and I want you to think about a place that makes you simply feel calm and serene. It could be a moment in your life, or it could be a location. Or it could even be with a specific person. Does that place make you smile? Does it ease your heart and help you relax? If it does, I want you to hold on to that feeling as you commence your day. Maybe even leave this entry open and just glance at it throughout the day as a reminder.

Life gets stressful, and it can really beat you down. It’s awful, but we need to hold on to what we love. Keep yourself calm when you’re weathering the storm, and you’ll bring others to be calm with you. We’ve got this.


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