Weekly Writing Report (08/12 – 08/18)

It’s been another rough week. Productive, but rough. I’d rather not talk about what’s getting me down, but instead, I’d like to celebrate a new milestone in DATABASE – Thank You For Calling. I’ve actually finished programming the Prologue of the game, including every enemy encounter, every alternate scene and branching dialogue path, the first dungeon, all of that. All that’s left is to compose all the music for it, and the Prologue chapter will be complete, but the music is the hardest part.

I’ve finished a draft of the title theme. It sounds really good, but the problem is that I want to add more instruments, yet have no idea how to incorporate more. I want it to be a full-fledged orchestral piece, but it’s just piano right now. I mean, it sounds awesome with piano, but I feel like it’s a bit on the redundant side considering that the song for the intro cutscene is just a solo piano piece. Well, as I write this, I come up with better ideas in terms of making a more orchestral version of the song. I might end up changing the title to fit a different mood since currently, it’s titled The Demon, but I feel like the theme isn’t sinister enough for that title.

Either way, in terms of other pieces of progress, I’ve been getting work done on the script version of Chapter One for the game, and Chapter One is actually really good so far, yet I’m only now getting started. It’s gonna be much longer than the Prologue, and even more story-driven now that more characters are getting involved. I look forward to the future of this game.

I’m sorry this one is so short. I’m really not feeling it at all. I hope you guys have a good weekend.


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