Game Dev’s Weekly – Sept. 2nd to Sept. 8th

Greetings, friends! Now that my blog is going to be 100% gaming related, I decided that instead of doing Weekly Writing Reports, I’ll start this new series—Game Dev’s Weekly, sort of a random end-of-the-week report regarding my own game, perhaps news regarding new games, the game industry in general, and my own personal thoughts. It could be personal stories regarding games or what have you. Anyway, let’s jump right on in!

It’s ironic. This has been an insane week at work. Like, I don’t think I even had the energy to play any games this week. I tried playing Final Fantasy X last night and Chrono Trigger the last, but I just didn’t have the time to sit there and play for a decent amount of time. Hell, it’s crazy now, but it’s already Friday. The week feels like it dragged on for so long but went by in a flash. It’s such an odd combination. But hey! I’m here to bring you guys a pleasant combination of gaming, optimism, and slight pessimism where it’s necessary.

In terms of new games that I’m rather passionate about, I ended up getting Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle for the Nintendo Switch last week. While I haven’t played it since, I’m in love with it. I think my favorite part is the music. Grant Kirkhope did the music, and my God, it’s freaking amazing. The man is a musical genius, and every game I’ve played where he did the music has been far more of a pleasant experience because of it. If you haven’t played it yet, it’s basically a tactical RPG that takes place in a distorted Mushroom Kingdom, and as the name implies, Mario characters along with the Rabbids (totally not Minions from Despicable Me) have to save it. I’ve never played XCOM, but apparently, it’s just like that game.

In terms of upcoming games, I am very excited for the future of the Switch. What with games like Fire Emblem Warriors, Super Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and other amazing games coming out. Though to tell you the truth, I hope Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will feel more like the original game and not Xenoblade Chronicles X. I’m fond of Xenoblade X, but it was too open ended in my opinion. Like, it felt more like the main story was an afterthought and the open world MMO feel was the main focus.

The reason I love the original Xenoblade so much is because of how the characters interact, how each of them have an impact on the story. After Chapter Three of Xenoblade X, you basically just do whatever and have whoever you want in the party. For someone who actually likes the MMO aspect, that’s really cool, but I just couldn’t get into it. You can choose Elma, Lin, Irina, Gwyn, Doug, whoever you want, but it’s so much harder to get attached to them they way you do the characters in the original Xenoblade.

Progressing the story is treated like a sidequest, and not the main focus. I mean, I probably just need to play the game more as I’m still only on Chapter Four, but I’m also just far more fond of the fantasy aura of the original Xenoblade and how magical everything is. I mean, until it starts getting more Sci-Fi-ish towards the end, but honestly, even that is still better than the story being treated like a sidequest. The original Xenoblade feels like a story/character-driven RPG through and through, while Xenoblade X is very much an MMO with a huge open world and one hub area.

Those are my thoughts, anyway. The whole point of this rant is to explain that I’m really excited for the new games coming to the Switch, and I look forward to seeing what Nintendo will do next. What are some of your thoughts? Feel free to comment and let me know! I’d love to discuss some of this with you guys. In the meantime, I hope you have a great weekend.


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